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Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Carina ₱ 2,842,571 Floor Area: 72 sqm / Lot Area: 94 sqm
Carmela ₱ 2,599,085 Floor Area: 65 sqm / Lot Area: 88 sqm
Fatima ₱ 4,025,227 Floor Area: 110 sqm / Lot Area: 121 sqm
Drina ₱ 3,074,291 Floor Area: 83 sqm / Lot Area: 99 sqm
Elaisa ₱ 3,457,859 Floor Area: 97 sqm / Lot Area: 110 sqm
Mara ₱ 2,396,526 Floor Area: 53 sqm / Lot Area: 88 sqm
Marga ₱ 1,474,897 Floor Area: 46 sqm / Lot Area: 63 sqm
Reana Townhouse (Inner Unit) ₱ 1,166,516 Floor Area: 40 sqm / Lot Area: 36 sqm
Rina ₱ 1,444,022 Floor Area: 40 sqm / Lot Area: 54 sqm
Sabrina ₱ 988,808 Floor Area: 30 sqm / Lot Area: 40.5 sqm
Reana Townhouse (End Unit) ₱ 1,100,000 - 2,000,000 Floor Area: 40 sqm / Lot Area: 54 sqm
Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Option 1: Deferred Cash (24 months to pay)
Total Contract Price payable for 24 months
Option 2: ( 12.5% – 87.5% ) DP over 15 months
12.5% Down Payment payable for 15 months
87.5% Balance can be through Bank Financing

The Philippines is becoming increasingly busier as both an international trader and as a tourist destination and although this is a good thing, sometimes a busy lifestyle can cause too much stress and as the traffic increases, so does the level of stress. Therefore, having a home which is conveniently placed for work, and also has all the amenities required for rest and recreation means that residents can enjoy a healthy as well as a sophisticated lifestyle.

As well as the healthy, sophisticated lifestyle a home at Camella Tanza offers, it is also a very good investment as, when the town grows with the extra business that the Ferry Terminal generates, not only will prime property be hard to find but it will also become more expensive and the traffic will get busier with all the containers arriving and leaving the terminal. As Camella Tanza is already located in the heart of that business, the properties should sharply increase in value, plus, as all the amenities that are needed are close by or within the project, the increased traffic will have little effect on residents.

Owning your own home is a dream most people have and so when one like the ones at Camella Tanza are offered through very affordable financial plans, for many, they are dreams come true, especially considering that they will get more than just a home; they also get security. The fact that the amenities and facilities that go with the home are very generous is just icing on the cake and makes the decision to buy one even easier.

With its 5 pillars, Camella Homes have been making dreams come true for hundreds of thousands of Filipinos for 38 years and continues to do so with their Camella Tanza project.

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