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Although Camella Tanza is well located for most things, it is still better if you do not have to travel at all and so the developers have tried to ensure that most things residents will ever need, are available within the project area. For this purpose the 20 hectare commercial area was reserved and it is envisaged that on completion of the project, malls, churches, service stations and other service outlets will be located in the area, making life even easier for the residents.

There are already many facilities and amenities within the project though and they include:

Safety and Security

  • Entrance gate
  • Perimeter fence
  • 24 hour security

Rest and relaxation

  • Clubhouse
  • Parks
  • Playgrounds


  • Basketball court
  • Swimming pool


  • Shuttle service
  • Private carports

For a happy lifestyle, knowing your family home is safe and secure is essential and with the safety and security measures Camella Homes have put in place at Camella Tanza, there are few places safer or more secure. In order to get the most out of life, you need to have all the elements for a good life close at hand so as not to exert too much time and energy travelling from one venue to another. The facilities and amenities available at Camella Tanza ensure that no long commutes are required for work, relaxation or even entertainment; they are all available within the site.

The clubhouse is provided as an extension to a house, available for holding parties, family gatherings or any other functions which a home is too small for. The clubhouse therefore eliminates the need for residents to find venues elsewhere which as well as being inconvenient, could also be expensive.

The fact that the project provides playgrounds, parks, basketball court and swimming pool means that there is plenty for children to do close to home and so therefore no need for them to be travelling alone on public transport in order to find recreation. However, if a family wishes to leave their car at home, public transport is very accessible from Tanza, with it only taking little more than 30 minutes to reach Manila.

With the amenities and facilities provided at Camella Tanza, when you buy a house you are buying more than just a home, you are buying a sophisticated lifestyle that can be enjoyed by the whole family by providing what they need, close to the house and in a secure area. With the little travelling needed, all the family are more rested, happier and safer than they would be living somewhere else. This combined with the fact that the business in Tanza will increase as the ferry terminal opens, makes these homes a sound investment as it is an ideal starting point for any young person’s career.

  • 18 Meter Lap Pool
  • Nursery Room
  • Children's Pool
  • Playground
  • Function Rooms
  • Changing / Shower Room
  • Business Center
  • Fitness Center
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